Marketing Guidelines

Our guide covers advertising rules for all types of marketing, including reviews, native ads, SMS send outs, banners, mailers, and more. The rules written in these guidelines must be adhered to, by all affiliates and at all times. If these rules are breached, we reserve the right to close the affiliate’s account. Depending on the severity, pending commissions may not be paid. All fines issued by regulators due to improper affiliate marketing will be passed on to such affiliates, partially or in full.

Marketing Limitations

The purpose of the following limitations is to ensure customer satisfaction and accurate expectations given to new players visiting Praise Casino. We always welcome creativity, as long as brand consistency can be assured. When in doubt, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated account manager.

–Praise Casino shall only be advertised in an accurate and tasteful manner, and strictly only targeting individuals that are at least 18 years of age. Furthermore, all marketing sources and changes must be approved by an account manager before any content goes live

–Any custom-made promotional material must be approved by an account manager before being published, and such materials will be either approved or denied on a case-by-case basis

Earn Big with Praise Affiliates

Our team has worked hard to deliver a truly unique gaming experience. Our journey has only just started and we’re confident that we will have a long and successful partnership with our affiliates. We know the value in paying attention to detail – whether that means creating a brand that stands out, a landing page that converts, or a product and service that keeps players coming back. For us, running a successful casino requires a 360 approach, where every single area gets as much attention as the next. And working closely with affiliates is always going to be at the core of our marketing strategy. We’re off to a great start – and together with you, we can take things to the next level.


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